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I Feel Like I'm The Only One...

What were you doing 9 days ago? If it was unresolved then, you're having a repeat opportunity to work on it. Yesterday, changes in family dynamics was accentuated, but today they make that move back into working through them with the challenge of feeling secluded. Don't have family? You'll feel it just a bit more than usual but that's not meant to single you out. Realize that the isolating feeling is felt by all. No matter your family status, take this day to delve into a bit of study, whether that is with a book, documentary or surfing the web. And if it centers on nurturing careers, color & design, remodeling, occult studies, spirituality, philosophy, research or detective work - all the better! Those are some of the features of this vibration. All in all, it's a different vibration. But if you respond with a bit of stress, the 7 takes its strength from nature. Get out for short walks - even if it just around the yard. Or, weather permitting, bring nature inside and place it on your table or desk next to you.