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I Want It Fixed NOW!

This has GOT to be fixed today! Not necessarily, but this combination will have us looking at the places we live, jobs & promotions, our sense of stability/security and even home repairs. We'll be wanting change over the next two days and weather permitting, we'll be raring to go. The challenging part will be to look at all sides clearly before we leap. If you feel more details are needed, wait until tomorrow when the 5/6 combination gives you more insight. However, if it's a door knob that needs fixing, do it! That doesn't need more insight. Need to have a serious conversation with someone? Choose your words wisely. This combo could have you saying words you don't mean. We may even get into studying a topic we had only thought about in the past as the 4 loves to delve into all sorts of educational pursuits. So have a bit of fun over morning coffee, Pick out something you've always wanted to know and research it. You never know where it may lead you.