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It's About Money; It's Not About Money; Are You Sure?

It's about money; it's not about money; it's about money; it's not about money - it's another tug-a-pull Monday. We're wanting to work on expanding our businesses, obtaining a new job, starting a new career or getting that promotion. And then on the other hand, we're looking within and not being able to remain focused on business the way we'd hoped. If you're working in the area of spirituality, it will particularly feel confusing. Take the time as it comes and don't try to force a particular mindset. Block out time on your calendar to accomplish tasks and don't beat yourself up if your mind wanders. Place the Divine in the middle of your decisions and allow the Universe to help you. If things get too stressful, take a combined chapter from both the 8 and 7 and walk outside for a few moments. 8 wants the exercise, but 7 wants to bring in nature in order to relax. It doesn't have to be a long time; just walk enough to relax so that you can begin again. Can't get out to nature? Bring it indoors today. Choose to place life around you.