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It's Time To Take A Lover!

Today, love and communication walk hand in hand. This is a particularly good combination for getting close to a lover, a potential lover, or a new friend! Those who wish to add spice to their lives with an existing relationship, take time to be playful! Add laughter to your conversations, buy or pick flowers for someone, or purchase a small gift. If finances are a worry, do something for them you generally don't do, such as bringing them a special cup of coffee or tea, bake a special dessert "for no reason at all", something small but noticeable to them. If you're not with a special someone at this time of your life, extra communication with others is warranted with this vibration, so begin conversations just for the fun of it. Spoil yourself! Buy your own flowers and light up your workspace or home. No matter the numbered combination of the day, don't wait for someone else to give you the things you know you deserve. You deserve them and who would be better at picking out just the right item but you - Enjoy!