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Let's Work Things Out...

Negotiations and bringing people together will be the highlight of today. When the 2 (mediator) and 3 (communications) join forces, it's a great time to have those conversations (not arguments) over a great cup of tea or coffee and a bite to eat. The 2 says, "Let's work things out." Even if it's not a needed conversation, chit-chat with friends is definitely warranted but the 3 says, "Let's make it more playful" so get outside (weather permitting). Go for a walk, or sit on the front porch and listen to the birds sing. Create a picnic or hit a coffee shop. Do something different and get outdoors! If you're into the arts, this is an inspiring day for music and art. Look within and bring out the inspiration you feel. And even though these two numbers are more social, find a few minutes today to communicate with the Divine in your life. The 2's high intuition could deliver the answers you seek.