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Money - It's a Wildcard of a Day!

7 and 8 meet together to figure out who is controlling the purse strings. 8 loves the profit and loss statements and working on the inventory sheets, while 7 is looking out for the good of the people. Shoot! If we get paid, fine, if we don't fine! There was a phrase some years ago that stated, "Do what you love and the money will follow!" This is very much the vibration of the 7/8 combo. Though typically challenges to each other, we can all discover an underlying strength between the two and utilize it to our best advantage. Set aside an hour or two discovering new ways to do business as the 7 loves to investigate and research and trust your gut feelings. Walk about in nature today (weather permitting) or bring nature indoors. Ten to twenty minutes of connecting with nature is medicinal for the body, mind and spirit!