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Not Working For You? Throw It Out or Heal It.

We find ourselves throwing out the old and inviting in the new. Over the past several days, contemplation of what isn't in our best interest has perhaps forced us to take a stand of what we really want, and today we'll either let it go or learn how to integrate it into our lives. As self-healing is also a trait of the 9, perhaps we'll choose to look at it differently or discover a way to change ourselves in order to accept what is. However, accepting what is just so that we don't have to endure change rarely creates a successful outcome. Accept the path you have only if it ultimately helps you attain the life you want. This is not a vibration of self-sacrifice. The 1 says I want to move forward NOW, and some of you will. At least, you'll be making those lists and jotting down ideas on what to do next. Don't worry if you don't accomplish the first steps by this afternoon. Tomorrow, you'll be taking those steps. Make a decision; begin the process. It's time.