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Oh - Just Throw It Away!

Last day of May and the challenging combos - which is the note we'll end with. 4 and 5 - let's not even put them in the same car as they would not make good vacationing buddies! 4 has her nose to the grindstone and the "right thing to do" while 5 says, "What the hell! Throw caution to the wind!" 4 will have us looking at our finances and the security of a penny saved, a penny earned and 5 will be doing her best to spend it. 4 has a list of "things to accomplish" started, while 5 is setting a match to the paper. Change and movement will be focused around our jobs, homes, and educational pursuits today. You may choose to actually go off in an entirely new direction with one or all three or on the mundane, tweak what you already have. What's that thing in your home that you want to change out? Unlike the 6, this will be more geared towards repairs or fix-it jobs. Try not to analyze today's situations too much (4) - just ride it all out until tomorrow. Tomorrow, we start some fantastically natural and compatible combinations!