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Love! Trust! Listen!

Compassion will be running high today with the 9/2 combo, but that doesn't mean we get to take advantage of another's good nature. Particularly if you are a 9 or 2 life path, you'll discover people wanting to unburden their concerns due to the fact that you're a great listener and generally have a wise word to share. Set boundaries and don't take on their challenges as your own. We all need to listen today - to others, ourselves, and to the Divine. Ask the questions from the Divine today that you've wanted the answers to. Then listen for the answers. Intuition is running high today - trust your gut feelings and the answers you receive. Take time to do something special for someone without expecting payment back. Take more time with co-workers and customers alike. Give. But above all, listen........

Attacking the Office Full Force!

This is the last of the 8/1 combos this month which is absolutely wonderful for those wishing to push their business careers FORWARD! Of course, you will take the steps, but the Universe is providing the vibration! Not a very conducive vibration for personal relationships, but if you're in business, look forward to hitting the office and going after your ambitions! It's all work and no play with the 8/1, but OH! What we can accomplish today. It can also be a bit isolating as well, but use it to your best strengths. Thinking about going into business or obtaining a new profession? It's a day for planning and taking the first step. There is no sitting back here - it's movement and invention! Go for it!

What's Your New Vision?

According to the Astrologers, this is the week we take the "new vision" for ourselves and begin putting it into practice. Today the 7/9 combo has us looking inside, one more time, to review our new vision. The spirituality of the 7 and 9 will combine with old wisdom from the Divine and our analytical ability so we'll want to take time during the day to come to some final conclusions. If you haven't tweaked your new vision for your future, take time (even over morning coffee) to write it out. Because of this combination, it's not necessarily a day that will provide a lot of social interaction whether business or personally, so don't take it personally if people tend to stay a bit secluded. Tomorrow will be a far more interactive day! So...what's your new vision?

Stop Thinking - It's Time To DO!

Today we experience the first of seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto. While it works on current political and social aspects, the 6/8 vibration works on our home lives and us. 6 is the number of nurturing, family, community, and design. The 8 is business, finances, and health. A combination of the two appear appropriate for the Aries/Capricorn wheeling and dealings out in the heavens. Today, take more time with those that are closest to you. If spending the day alone, take care of yourself and your needs. The days of planning what you want to do with your future are past - begin acting. Now, start putting those ideas of the past months into practice. Make it happen! If you're an entrepreneur and open for business today, take additional time with your customers. Listen to their needs and implement the good ideas you hear into a business practice for the future. With the design ability of the 6, it's time to manifest the "design"!

Refrain From Practicing The Drums

5 and 7 comes together today for a bit of......drama. Oh, it may be fun and exciting, but for some, it could be a little more frustrating. We're changing, moving and analyzing more than usual as to what exactly is best for us. Before jumping to conclusions or decisions (5), take a bit of time to relax and think of what is the best route to take (7). 5 and 7, though natural vibrations to each other mentally, enjoy the opposite when it comes to functions that engages a lot of people and noise. Don't be surprised that if you attend an event involving a lot of interaction, you may wish to leave early. Too much energy around you today? Relax in nature. Get away (or outside) and enjoy a few quiet minutes checking out the flowers, trees, or creeks in your area or on your property. Can't get outside due to weather? Bring it inside by working on indoor plants or surrounding yourself with articles from the Earth.

He Ain't Heavy; He's My Brother...

We all love Fridays (even if we have to work the weekend) but this Friday is going to expect more of us than just the typical fun & excitement of a weekend off. The master number of 22 will have us teaching AND learning the selflessness of that vibration. As the master teacher, it will be following us around today to see what is hidden deep within our souls. Combined with the vibration of the 6, most likely it will be asking us to look at relationships, family, community and yes...strangers. Nurturing of others and ourselves, will be a lesson we'll be asked to hone. It won't be a matter of "what did they ever do for me?"; it's what can you do for them. Selflessness - the master number 22.

A Day To Play In The Sprinklers!

Hold on to your check book today unless you want to do some serious spending! 3 and 5 join forces to create just too much fun in the areas of shopping, playing, laughter, travel, conversation, vacation plans, and interacting with others. If life has been too serious lately, call someone to have coffee with today or an impromptu lunch/supper. With these two vibrations, it's time to lighten up and enjoy the world around us. Today, live the change you want to see!

Love or the Office? Love or Study? Hmmmm.....

2/8/4* - There's no rest for the wicked today when it comes to work! If you're presently not employed, this is an excellent day for applying for a variety of positions, but with the vibration of the 2, be sure it's something you would enjoy. If you're employed and have an opportunity for advancement, this is also a good time to apply for the promotion. Are there classes or seminars you require in order to get that promotion? Begin looking into them now (4). Are you a student or just love to study a variety of topics? Go for it! We'll all have a little bit of the student in us with the 4 vibration so don't feel badly about putting other things aside to have a few hours of reading or research. And on the other side of the coin, 2/4 could give us a little bit of a push when it comes to finding a special someone today! If you're looking for a relationship (or want to spice up the one you have), start looking - the day is young. Let the Universe kno…

I Want It Now So Get A Move On!

After today, we will experience one more of these vibrations near the end of the month. This is a hopping vibration that has us saying (literally) "I WANT IT NOW! Move it on! Hurry UP! Do I Need To Be Here For This?! Damn! Get A Move On!" The 1 wants what it wants and is the leader, driving us forward with creations and inventions. The 3 is the communicator and creative one, so we're not only wanting to move forward with our dreams and goals, but we're telling everyone about it as well! For those who know where they're going (and there's a lot of confusion in this area right now), network today. Have a creative time, a fun time with it. Include it with playfulness and laughter. It's not all about the seriousness of the 1 - the 3 wants to have a good time. 1 says "keep your nose to the grindstone" but 3 says, "be sure to have coffee with friends today." There are plenty of waking hours, so take time to have a chat with a friend - rememb…

I Don't Need You Anymore

Monday, Monday.....9/2 - wrapping up loose ends and using our gut feeling to tell us what they are. Whether they are possessions, relationships (and this isn't always a love relationship -  it can be one surrounding business, neighbor, family, or ourselves), careers, how we look at ourselves, or habits, we're being asked to work on making a list. What's not working? What's not serving our higher purpose? Take time today, and write out what you WANT to do, how you wish to view the story of your life as opposed to what it was. Where do you want to take your story? What is ok to let go of for a better story? And if you don't know where to start, all the answers are within (2). Ask and listen quietly. Old wisdom is meeting high intuition today so put some time within your appointment calendar for yourself - even if it's 5 minutes. What do you want to know? Sit quietly and listen.

Come Here, Come Here - Go Away, Go Away!

It's a tug-a-pull day with the 7 wanting solitude in order to analyze the philosophies of life while the 9 wants to bring in people off the street and care for them. 9 is known for bringing all the strays home until they are bursting at the seams while the 7 prefers quiet over the noise. Neither is a bad way to go so don't feel that one is better than the other if pulled in a particular direction. The one thing that they do share is the ability to tap into the mysteries and wisdom of spirituality so in that regard this is an excellent time for a myriad of practices: meditation, seeking answers within, delving into philosophical beliefs, asking for answers, listening/trusting our intuition. Anything that entwines around the Divine is perfect today. If alone, expect it to be a quiet time; if spending it with others, the conversations could be a bit deeper than normal. Enjoy both!

All Work and No Play - Give It Up!

It's Friday and if we play our cards right, we're going to experience a well-rounded vibration that includes business and home. Be sure to plan time spent in each because the 6 will most often sacrifice their portion of the day while the 8 will take all the time you want to give! For those in business, take time to nurture what you do. It's about people and it's time to take care of clients/customers/fellow employee needs. 6 can many times give up too much of their time to others, so set boundaries. Listen as opposed to speaking. When the work day is done, close the door! Spend your afternoon/evening enjoying the pleasures of the evening! Even if you spend it alone, do something that brings a smile to your face. Comedies, theatre, sports...what do you enjoy? If you choose, take along family or friends, but remember, you can enjoy all these experiences with the strangers around you. They're just friends you haven't met yet! DO IT!

If you enjoyed this, I’d be gra…

I'm All Wound Up!

Though the 5 and 7 vibration of the day is considered natural to each other, it's because of the cerebral ability of both. We may experience the "go-go-go" of the 5, while tempering it with the "stop and research" of the 7. If you are in the midst of a project or goal that takes a bit of thought, grab onto the vibration of the 7 and check things out first. What needs to be observed and analyzed (7) before jumping in with both feet (5)? Compassion is high on the list while spirituality is not far behind. Combine the two and look more favorably upon your fellow man. If things get too wound up today, take a lesson from both numbers - they both relax in nature. If you can't go out for a break due to weather, bring nature inside with a plant, pebbles or stoned, wood, or water.

Bossy, Bossy, Bossy...I'm Not Listening!

The drama of the 3/5 combination yesterday will settle down today with a 4/6 - no matter what is going on around us in Society, within us we will strive for security, nurturing, and community. We may provide those attributes to others; we may receive the same from others or ourselves. Take time today to care for yourself and those you love. What do you need in your life that you can provide for yourself? Organize it into your schedule. Those who work outside their homes and at businesses will discover a better day for attracting long term clients but you'll have to extend that nurturing to them as well. Make others feel cared about. This is also a combo that may wish to be a bit "bossy", so watch your words - think first and use them wisely. Need something fixed or changed around the home? Perfect! Make plans today to get it taken care of, even if it's only an appointment. All in all - spread some kindness and caring about.

Let The Good Times Roll!

Watch your checkbook today! The 3 and 5 are combining forces and they really like to shop, go traveling - all in all, they love to spend money. Unless you have a reserve of cash, ask  yourself, do I NEED it? There's a difference between need and want. Or set yourself a date. If I still need it by Friday, I'll purchase it for the weekend. 90% of all unneeded purchase never take place when people give themselves a future date to buy items. Communication will run higher than normal, so if you have an event or sale coming up in the future, start advertising today. Network with others of like-mndedness and get out of the office for a lunch time break. If you can meet with friends, all the better. This evening, make it a fun dinner night - simple, easy and fun! That's what the two of these will be wanting to enjoy. Also, don't be surprised if a change in friendships occurs today. It was just time...

It's another Master Number Day!

The Master Number of 11 joins with the stability of the 4 to aim our sights towards more security within our lives. It's the practical we'll be wanting along with community and contentment. Don't be surprised if you're drawn to reading and study today because both of them have the desire for education. Those who require intuition and knowledge from the Divine to operate their businesses will have that added boost - if they ask. This is also a good time to choose a place within your home for Sacred Space as the 4 centers on the home and the 11 on honing the spiritual aspects of our lives. Enjoy the process as you create just the right space for yourself. Perhaps your entire abode is dedicated to the Universe - take this day to unclutter, clean and rearrange so as to improve the energy around you.

Just DO IT!!

The vibration of the 8 & 1 combo is sweet and simple! What do you want to accomplish in the area of business and finance? Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Divide it into two columns. Write at the top of one column "PRO". Write at the top of the second column "CON". Now.............what do you want to accomplish in the area of career/business? Write out the Pros and Cons of each idea (or just one idea). Do you have more Pros than Cons on your idea? DO IT!!!

Where Do We Go Now?

Divine wisdom - something we all wish would drop in more often! This is one of those days - we only need to listen. In the business world, it's going to be a bit slow but that doesn't mean you won't have sales and progress. It's just done a bit quieter and using more thought. You may wish to use 7's analyzing skills to look at your business and discover better ways to accomplish what you want. You'll be able to put them into practice tomorrow which will be a gung-ho day for financial interactions. The 9 is going to add to 7's intuition and offer old wisdom from the past (and sometimes way past!), to create quite a spiritual combo. Consider taking time to meditate or tapping into your Guides/Angels as you take a short walk. All in all, a break from the roller-coaster vibrations of the past few weeks - if you can, take time to sit back...relax...and contemplate where you wish to go :)

Show Me the Money!

6 and 8 join forces today to bring about the vibration "Show Me The Money!" It's about business, prosperity and bringing in the sales/customers. Grab onto the vibration of the 6 that is a magnet for prosperity and people but do know that you'll work for your sales. It won't just be handed to you. Spend more time with people today answering their questions and giving that added touch. They'll return for more in the future. Are you in the field of designing (interior, jewelry, clothing, etc.)? This is also a great day for you, particularly if you're already in the midst of a project. Use your gifts to complete your project in an expert manner or network to others that you are now available! Again, take more time to talk to potential clients. Discover what they need and/or looking for. Go the extra mile today.

This Is SO Not Working For Me!

Change, observation, spirituality, and mastering oneself all go head to head today as we also experience the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun, and still experiencing the vibration of yesterday's Full Moon. Normally the 9s make us face what we no longer find useful in our lives, but today we will begin accepting what we truly want and shedding what We're not going to take it anymore. It hasn't worked for months/years - we're finally going to own up to the fact that it isn't going to change. So if change is eminent, we're the ones that have to do it. What do you truly want? Own up to it today.

We Don't Spend Enough Time Together!

Though a Monday, it's a lovely day for concentrating on the "home". Family, stability, security are the themes of the day and no matter how large or small your family unit is (even if you're alone), we can look at the environment that surrounds us and make it special. What changes could make it better? What do you need to improve relationships or enjoy them more? These are things to think about and make note of. Perhaps it's creating a weekly "family night" or "family time". Time invested in each other will only benefit this unit and you can not get this time back or guarantee it will be there later when you're ready. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Today is also a good day for investing in your customers or fellow employees. Kind words are also an investment and the 6 is a magnet of people and money. Reach out to someone new by taking a little extra time with them. This evening, delve into a topic you enjoy and if you can do this as a comm…

Make A Wish - It's Yours For The Asking!

The month of challenging combinations has passed and June offers us a much more compatible vibration. The 1 and 3 join together to provide a day where our manifestations and communications coordinate to our benefit. In Tarot, this would be a combination of the Magician and Empress coming together. Make a wish, but be careful what you wish for! Listen to what you're saying and how you're wording it. It's a day of grabbing onto your dream and/or goal and moving forward with it. Step past the "what ifs" because those are only in your mind and not reality. Talk to others and express your desire to manifest your dreams, but do not accept their fears as your story. If they tell you it can't be done, walk away from the conversation or change the topic. You CAN create that which you wish!