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All Work and No Play - Give It Up!

It's Friday and if we play our cards right, we're going to experience a well-rounded vibration that includes business and home. Be sure to plan time spent in each because the 6 will most often sacrifice their portion of the day while the 8 will take all the time you want to give! For those in business, take time to nurture what you do. It's about people and it's time to take care of clients/customers/fellow employee needs. 6 can many times give up too much of their time to others, so set boundaries. Listen as opposed to speaking. When the work day is done, close the door! Spend your afternoon/evening enjoying the pleasures of the evening! Even if you spend it alone, do something that brings a smile to your face. Comedies, theatre, sports...what do you enjoy? If you choose, take along family or friends, but remember, you can enjoy all these experiences with the strangers around you. They're just friends you haven't met yet! DO IT!

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