Come Here, Come Here – Go Away, Go Away!

It’s a tug-a-pull day with the 7 wanting solitude in order to analyze the philosophies of life while the 9 wants to bring in people off the street and care for them. 9 is known for bringing all the strays home until they are bursting at the seams while the 7 prefers quiet over the noise. Neither is a bad way to go so don’t feel that one is better than the other if pulled in a particular direction. The one thing that they do share is the ability to tap into the mysteries and wisdom of spirituality so in that regard this is an excellent time for a myriad of practices: meditation, seeking answers within, delving into philosophical beliefs, asking for answers, listening/trusting our intuition. Anything that entwines around the Divine is perfect today. If alone, expect it to be a quiet time; if spending it with others, the conversations could be a bit deeper than normal. Enjoy both!

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