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I'm All Wound Up!

Though the 5 and 7 vibration of the day is considered natural to each other, it's because of the cerebral ability of both. We may experience the "go-go-go" of the 5, while tempering it with the "stop and research" of the 7. If you are in the midst of a project or goal that takes a bit of thought, grab onto the vibration of the 7 and check things out first. What needs to be observed and analyzed (7) before jumping in with both feet (5)? Compassion is high on the list while spirituality is not far behind. Combine the two and look more favorably upon your fellow man. If things get too wound up today, take a lesson from both numbers - they both relax in nature. If you can't go out for a break due to weather, bring nature inside with a plant, pebbles or stoned, wood, or water.