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Let The Good Times Roll!

Watch your checkbook today! The 3 and 5 are combining forces and they really like to shop, go traveling - all in all, they love to spend money. Unless you have a reserve of cash, ask  yourself, do I NEED it? There's a difference between need and want. Or set yourself a date. If I still need it by Friday, I'll purchase it for the weekend. 90% of all unneeded purchase never take place when people give themselves a future date to buy items. Communication will run higher than normal, so if you have an event or sale coming up in the future, start advertising today. Network with others of like-mndedness and get out of the office for a lunch time break. If you can meet with friends, all the better. This evening, make it a fun dinner night - simple, easy and fun! That's what the two of these will be wanting to enjoy. Also, don't be surprised if a change in friendships occurs today. It was just time...