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Where Do We Go Now?

Divine wisdom - something we all wish would drop in more often! This is one of those days - we only need to listen. In the business world, it's going to be a bit slow but that doesn't mean you won't have sales and progress. It's just done a bit quieter and using more thought. You may wish to use 7's analyzing skills to look at your business and discover better ways to accomplish what you want. You'll be able to put them into practice tomorrow which will be a gung-ho day for financial interactions. The 9 is going to add to 7's intuition and offer old wisdom from the past (and sometimes way past!), to create quite a spiritual combo. Consider taking time to meditate or tapping into your Guides/Angels as you take a short walk. All in all, a break from the roller-coaster vibrations of the past few weeks - if you can, take time to sit back...relax...and contemplate where you wish to go :)