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My Brain Is Working Overtime!

My brain is working on overtime! That's the vibration of the day. The planets already have us analyzing our relationships in life this week - the 4/7 combo will add to this. The two analyzers of numerology have the ability to create mountains out of molehills. Give yourself a break and don't think too hard about the challenges of your life. Responsibility will be on the forefront today, so making lists of those errands or goals you must accomplish would be appropriate. Spend August checking them off your list as they are accomplished. And which one can you accomplish today? Center it around  your home. On the other side of the coin, these two love to learn and study. What is it that would help or entertain you? Pick the topic and research it (don't be surprised if it has to do with philosophy, spirituality, or religion). Tuck the information away for another time. If your research has to do with genealogy, all the better. Four is the number of the home; 7 is the researche…

Watch What You Say - It's One Of Those Days!

It's a lovely day for creativity, particularly if you're in the design business! Color and design will be reigning supreme among our artists, but it can also affect everyone who wishes to change their business cards, brochures, web pages - wherever color or sound is important to you. So if you're thinking of a change, use today to work on those projects. The other side of the coin involves communication and if it surrounds family - don't be surprised. Three is also the number of communication and six is the number of family. If there is a concern that needs to be addressed, it will most likely come to the forefront. If you need to have a family discussion, today is your day. However, six is also the number of nurturing - what is your goal with this conversation? Be careful of your words and look at how it can nurture those involved and yourself. Yes - nurture yourself in the process as well. Also, think carefully first and avoid gossip - it's the not-so-positive s…

Give - Take - Give - Take!

Interesting combination today - Selfishness joins up with selflessness! Finding the balance within - giving and taking. Sometimes, we are not around others and in this case, there is nothing wrong with being selfless to yourself. What do you want? Spoil yourself today, even with the simple things in life. It doesn't cost money to surround yourself with the things you most enjoy. For all of us, spread good cheer to all you meet. Smile! Laugh! Care about others. Share a possession you don't need any longer with someone who does. Give. Teach. Learn.

Giving Away The Kitchen Sink

There are times when I can not figure out how those before us decided that 8 and 2 were natural vibrations to each other. The 8 vibration of the day is a leader while 2 is a follower. 8 makes the decision yesterday, 2 will allow the 8 make the decisions. 8 has the focus of big business while 2 would give away the kitchen sink as opposed to charging someone. 8 is at the office, 2 would rather be caring for the home. But that's the vibration of the day. This is, however, a good day for negotiations, so if you have someone you need to have a serious conversation with (business or personal), this is a good time. If you're in the business of divination or alternative medicine, this can be a good sales day. Use your gut feelings and intuition to help make compassionate decisions with your customers. And unlike the 8 who wants to hang out in the office all evening, balance your day by going home at a comfortable time so you can spend the evening with family and friends.…

It's A Magician/Hermit Kind of Day!

It's another very cerebral day with all three of the cerebral numbers showing up in the combination. Definitely isn't the greatest vibration for discovering that new love of your life unless the two of you share those numbers in common or they are predominate in both of your personal months or years. What it does provide is a lot of alone time for YOU. It's giving you the opportunity to do a lot of thinking and manifesting of your wants, needs, and goals. If you're familiar with Tarot, think of it as the Magician and the Hermit coming together (which, by the way, adds up to the number 1 because 1 + 9 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1). But like these two individuals of the Tarot, what is it that you'd like to do? Don't know? Now is the time to grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit on the porch and come up with a dream. Don't worry if your thoughts are all over the place because that 5 is going to give the illusion that we really don't know what we want. You may feel like the…

Heal or Argue - What A Toss Up

Two very different aspects are being offered today; it'll be up to you which one you need to address. First, a most creative day for those with a knack for creativity. Artists, musicians, seamstresses, wood carvers, designers, etc. - you'll not only wish to work on your craft, but you'll be working with a soulful heart. The focus will be making someone else look good or heal someones pain with your talent. You can begin to create a powerful project today. The other aspect is the dynamics of family. You have the opportunity to get closer as a family unit by interacting and listening to each other (really listen). However, you will want to want to watch your words and not say whatever you'd like to say. The 4 attitude says that your words could be construed as arguing and that never leads to a good thing. Thinking before you enter sensitive conversations will be important. If you feel that a conversation is unwise at this time, keep it lighthearted and focus on nurturing…

Oh! Not This Combination Again!

The 5/8 combo has appeared for the last time this month, giving us one more opportunity to change something regarding our health and/or business. Are we considering moving on and finding other employment? Are we considering changing something within our business, such as a technique, product or employee? Are we considering new eating habits or exercise? It may be a combination of all of them. Change is inevitable today but there's also another side to the 5/8 combinations. Grasping on to the positive side of them (particularly if you're in business), how you operate your job/business can go far! Sales and public relations meets executive management. Give time to both of these assets. Decision making is a toss up today with the methodical, well-calculating eight and the que sera-sera five. Before jumping at what's sparkling in front of you, stop and think. And remember, walking while thinking brings a lot insight and wisdom popping into our heads - not to mention getting a…

You're Creating Your Reality...Again

22 - the master teacher/builder. 11 - the master visionary. 7 - the spiritual seeker. Together it is asking us to be the best that we can be. This vibration will push you to the limit to understand your gifts, hone in on your wisdom, push you to follow your path and learn a few things along the way. It's about uplifting your fellow man and look for the positive of life. Watch your feelings today - your feelings create your reality. If you're putting yourself down, you're creating more of it. If you're focused on your limitations, you're creating more of it. So take a moment with a cup of tea, to change your story. What's your story about yourself - about others? Change it in your mind and realize that what you feel is what you create. On the other side of the coin, we can get a little analytical today, so keep it simple. If you're up to studying a new topic (doesn't matter what), you're all set! The 22 and 7 love to research and become a bit of a d…

Tomorrow May Not Come

After the high emotions of yesterday (2/5), today brings about the 3/6 combination that says a couple of different things. Creativity of all types - color, splash, music, painting, designing, and communications - just to name a few! So if you're in these fields - have a good go and enjoy yourself. Expand your hobby or business in these areas, but be playful with it at the same time. The other side - communication (3) for family (6) and friends (3). Spend time with each other - go to tea or coffee. Spend time in real conversation and not on a texting keyboard (unless you're planning where to meet). Have an impromptu dinner party or a potluck. It's not important what you're fixing; it's important that you're together. Call friends/family you haven't talked to in awhile. Get on Skype - Skype to Skype is globally free for as long as you want to talk. Smile at a stranger and say Hello! Laugh. Play. Watching a DVD? Make it a good comedy. Don't wait a single …

I Want a Divorce!

We've had an interesting combo up in the heavens lately (as above, so below) and we've all been feeling it lately. 2 & 5 - what can I say? Both alone, each has glorious traits but together? Don't put these two in the car - it would be too much like having a Cancer and Gemini trying to enjoy a scrumptious vacation at the same time.

[I wonder what I'd like to do today?]
"When are we going to get married?"
[Oh God, not that conversation again. If I stare out the window here, maybe it'll stop.]
"I really love being with you and I just want to have a firm commitment that you do as well. I Love you!"
[Australia...Australia sounds like a good place to live. Oh wow! Pepsi's on sale at Walgreens!]
"Are you listening to me? I LOVE YOU! Doesn't that mean anything to you?"
[Gosh, I love Pepsi. When did I drink my first Pepsi?]

You get the picture. The epitome of these two vibrations provides closeness and loving ties, while wanting t…

Is It Really All About You?

Want to get a lot accomplished? Leadership, invention, and innovation is ours today if we choose to go after a goal or two. It's bringing about a more isolated day as we work steadily upon those things we desire to create. But will we? Our gung-ho energy is going to have to share the spotlight with the master number of 22 which asks the question, "Is is really all about you? What about the good of others on the planet?" These two vibrations can really have us in an argumentative mood by afternoon as we struggle to work on our own list of to-dos and what does everyone else want. 1 knows what it wants and isn't afraid to speak out. 22 knows the same and has no problem letting 1 understand where it may have come up short. The two together need to watch their words, try harder with diplomacy, and not try to grab onto the spotlight. It's a day to balance your day between those of others, don't despair if there isn't enough hours to the day, utilize an organiz…

Throw That Garbage Away!

The creative side of us comes out today...though much like Van Gogh, and Emily Dickinson. We have creative ability but there's that melancholy quality and wanting to heal the world. You can't. Don't try. Do, however, look to those around you (and yourself) and take care of each other. And when the melancholy tries to ease it's way in, acknowledge it but don't beat yourself up about it. Begin looking at what you can do to heal the pain within you first and then in others, when asked. Share tips and tricks on how to obtain a more positive outlook. And while you're working with emotions and hearts today, look at your surroundings and bring something bright, creative, and definitely something that makes you feel good, into your home. On the other hand, 9 says, "Let's go through the closets and cupboards - do you REALLY want to own this? Do you need it? Do you remember what it was for?" If you can't identify it, there's a good change you'l…

Don't Even Think of Getting Away With That!

Our favorite (?) business combo meet up today to give us another round of compassion with business sense. Both want to take care of customers but they're coming from a different angle. 8 is taking care of those numbers, profit & loss statements, commissions, and wanting to increase...everything. 2 is busy giving away the kitchen sink because the customer couldn't afford to pay. Curb your desire to give away the store today and choose instead to give away your wisdom (unless you're wisdom is your service). This is a highly intuitive time and you can use it for all functions: relationships, business, guidance, health, you  name it! It's also a day of using negotiations, particularly around business and career. This is not the time to be a Pan and try getting away with something. See that 8? 8s always eventually get caught. Refrain! Reign in the love of the 2, trust your gut feelings, use your head (8) and ride it out!

It's My Way or the Highway!

It's an independent, cerebral day as 7 and 1 take charge of ....well, just about everything. The 3 attitude number of the day will give the illusion that communication and discussion is part of the solution but behind those wonderful words is the 7 who'll say their piece and then turn their hearing off to scurry back into isolation and the 1, who will live by the words, "My way or the highway." This combination has its place but compassion and sympathy are not one of them. Relationships may go to the back burner but that doesn't mean people don't care. It's a day of more silence than talk, looking within and making some tough decisions of where you want to be in just about everything you do. And don't be surprised if there are few to ask advice from as they are on their own journey within. It's that day we feel like islands in the stream. All in all, allow the day to unfold, give yourself a bit more attention and remember that the 7 finds solace …

He Ain't Heavy; He's My Brother

In a week of unrest in so many parts of the world, today's 6 and 9 combo has us looking at family, those we deem as family, and community. It's about solidarity and the wish to heal our emotional needs. 6 and 9, known for being two of the creative numbers of numerology, also want you to feel good, whether it's through our surroundings, color, or the healing of family issues. "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" could well be the name of that tune. Take time out today to make sure that those you care about know that they are special. Spend a little bit more time with them, even if it's on the phone or Skype. Eat supper together. Laugh and play a little more; tell more stories. Paint. Play music together. Sew (vibrant colors only). Read aloud. Start a project. Scultp or throw a piece of pottery (not literally). Today, it's about togetherness and creativity!

Clash of the.....Numbers

Change, movement, business, finances, and talking about it are on the forefront today. If one looks around the world and particularly at the unrest in Spain yesterday, this is not difficult to visualize. Will something be resolved today? Not necessarily, but they're certainly going to communicate their unease and thoughts. Five states it wants it NOW and 8 is going to stand tough. It's a vibration of military, government, corporation and the business world. It's used to making decisions and carrying them out. But freedom loving 5 (the adventurer, the explorer) will not be held down as a prisoner. 3 won't stop talking. For business owners all over the planet, used to their best qualities, this could be a fantastic combination when working with customers, but one must grasp the vibration of 5's compassion to accomplish it. It can't be done with reigning in the stoic 8 or the "my way" 5. Today, think slowly and methodically like an 8, embrace others wit…

What Were You Thinking?

There is nothing superstitious about the number 13 as it is broken down to a 4 (stability, security, business, home-based business, home, educational). Today, the 4 and 7 join forces to....get a bit over-analytical. Oh can we make mountains out of molehills today! We're going to notice details we may not have seen before and then we'll want to think about them more than perhaps we should. Take a rest from the mental exercise you'll experience and enjoy instead a time of study. Both the 4 and 7 love to learn and expand their horizons. Choose this option instead - you name the topic. Better yet, head for the library or bookstore and enjoy the quiet time on top of the reading. Enjoy research or detective work? This is also a good time for digging in and discovering knowledge such as genealogy. On a quieter Friday evening, it's a good thing to do as these two vibrations are the party animals of Numerology. However, a small group or one on one conversationalist, it is!

It's Time To Paint Your Walls!

Finally! A very naturally vibrating day and what will it bring? Creativity! Color, design, music, beautification of oneself and our surroundings. What will yours be? It's up to you. Paint your walls, change your drapes, throw out that couch and get a different one. Get rid of all the blue, pink, green, or whatever in your closet for a different look. Turn on the music, but let it be edifying. Communicate with each other over coffee, tea, or juice. Call your friends/family worldwide (did you know you can have up to 25 people on a Skype conference call for FREE as long as they have Skype.) The mind knows no bounds in the world of color, design, artistry, and communication today - DO IT!

I'm Outta Here, Man....!

Oil and vinegar dressing - you know the recipe! And after combining them in a dressing jar, you shake, shake, shake only to have it mixed for a few minutes. Then, it separates once again and the next person has to shake the bottle to get it mixed up again. That's the 11/2 and 5 combo - to get them to blend, we're constantly having to shake the day. One is just as passionate about closeness as the other is about freedom. One has the vision of community on its mind as much as the other has about individualism and "doing it my way."
"Stay and work on the good of humanity!"
"No, I want to venture out and see what's on the other side of the globe!"
"Please, come back and help me envision a better life for our fellow man."
"I'm outta here, man....."
It's a day of opposites, ups and downs, a typical roller-coaster day of feelings and decision making. Take it easy and don't take it out on yourself or others. What we ca…

If You Want It Done Right, Do It My Way!

Whenever 1 and 4 enter the same room, the conversation will be generous, knowledgeable, and steady until...oh wait...they come up against something they don't agree with! Let the fireworks commence. This will go for decision making as well. As long as they agree up front on the same outcome, all is well. This team could be dynamite and they WILL accomplish what they set out to do. But disagree? Stand back or take cover! I have not met too many 1/4 couples that are still together (unless one of them had a lot of 2s in their numerical blueprint therefore always giving in). Eventually, they view each other as self-centered, argumentative, get the idea. Yet separated, these two numbers are fantastic for their qualities. Business owners, teachers, inventors, stable, secure - the list is endless. Today, CHILL! Don't jump to conclusions and give opinions in the first 3 seconds. Work at listening before making your decisions. Don't give in to road rage. If you…

Feel the Love Instead! NO!!!!!

After the power being off in my neck of the US, we're back with the numerical vibrations of the day! 8 and 2 team up today to provide a very compassionate combo in the work field with business owners looking to customers' needs as opposed to just $$$ signs. However, that's just it. 8 knows how to wheel and deal the $$$ signs while 2 says, "Is it really about money?"
"Of course, it's about money! We have a profit and loss statement that must look good!"
"I don't know. Perhaps we could give everyone a break today. Can't we just feel the love instead?"
On the same note, leadership will butt heads with the follower in the same scenarios. So even though they are natural vibrations to each other, they approach each episode from a different perspective. If there is an 8 and a 2 in the same household, they will do what they do best and it's an incredibly favorable day. One thing to consider on this 8/2 day is your health,…