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Clash of the.....Numbers

Change, movement, business, finances, and talking about it are on the forefront today. If one looks around the world and particularly at the unrest in Spain yesterday, this is not difficult to visualize. Will something be resolved today? Not necessarily, but they're certainly going to communicate their unease and thoughts. Five states it wants it NOW and 8 is going to stand tough. It's a vibration of military, government, corporation and the business world. It's used to making decisions and carrying them out. But freedom loving 5 (the adventurer, the explorer) will not be held down as a prisoner. 3 won't stop talking. For business owners all over the planet, used to their best qualities, this could be a fantastic combination when working with customers, but one must grasp the vibration of 5's compassion to accomplish it. It can't be done with reigning in the stoic 8 or the "my way" 5. Today, think slowly and methodically like an 8, embrace others with the 5's compassion and hone in on the childlike wonder of the 3. Wish the best for each other.