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Don't Even Think of Getting Away With That!

Our favorite (?) business combo meet up today to give us another round of compassion with business sense. Both want to take care of customers but they're coming from a different angle. 8 is taking care of those numbers, profit & loss statements, commissions, and wanting to increase...everything. 2 is busy giving away the kitchen sink because the customer couldn't afford to pay. Curb your desire to give away the store today and choose instead to give away your wisdom (unless you're wisdom is your service). This is a highly intuitive time and you can use it for all functions: relationships, business, guidance, health, you  name it! It's also a day of using negotiations, particularly around business and career. This is not the time to be a Pan and try getting away with something. See that 8? 8s always eventually get caught. Refrain! Reign in the love of the 2, trust your gut feelings, use your head (8) and ride it out!