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Giving Away The Kitchen Sink

There are times when I can not figure out how those before us decided that 8 and 2 were natural vibrations to each other. The 8 vibration of the day is a leader while 2 is a follower. 8 makes the decision yesterday, 2 will allow the 8 make the decisions. 8 has the focus of big business while 2 would give away the kitchen sink as opposed to charging someone. 8 is at the office, 2 would rather be caring for the home. But that's the vibration of the day. This is, however, a good day for negotiations, so if you have someone you need to have a serious conversation with (business or personal), this is a good time. If you're in the business of divination or alternative medicine, this can be a good sales day. Use your gut feelings and intuition to help make compassionate decisions with your customers. And unlike the 8 who wants to hang out in the office all evening, balance your day by going home at a comfortable time so you can spend the evening with family and friends. Balance.........