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Heal or Argue - What A Toss Up

Two very different aspects are being offered today; it'll be up to you which one you need to address. First, a most creative day for those with a knack for creativity. Artists, musicians, seamstresses, wood carvers, designers, etc. - you'll not only wish to work on your craft, but you'll be working with a soulful heart. The focus will be making someone else look good or heal someones pain with your talent. You can begin to create a powerful project today. The other aspect is the dynamics of family. You have the opportunity to get closer as a family unit by interacting and listening to each other (really listen). However, you will want to want to watch your words and not say whatever you'd like to say. The 4 attitude says that your words could be construed as arguing and that never leads to a good thing. Thinking before you enter sensitive conversations will be important. If you feel that a conversation is unwise at this time, keep it lighthearted and focus on nurturing each other. Share compliments, laughter, and a family supper together!