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If You Want It Done Right, Do It My Way!

Whenever 1 and 4 enter the same room, the conversation will be generous, knowledgeable, and steady until...oh wait...they come up against something they don't agree with! Let the fireworks commence. This will go for decision making as well. As long as they agree up front on the same outcome, all is well. This team could be dynamite and they WILL accomplish what they set out to do. But disagree? Stand back or take cover! I have not met too many 1/4 couples that are still together (unless one of them had a lot of 2s in their numerical blueprint therefore always giving in). Eventually, they view each other as self-centered, argumentative, get the idea. Yet separated, these two numbers are fantastic for their qualities. Business owners, teachers, inventors, stable, secure - the list is endless. Today, CHILL! Don't jump to conclusions and give opinions in the first 3 seconds. Work at listening before making your decisions. Don't give in to road rage. If you're in business, it's a great vibration but it doesn't lend to diplomacy. Control your thoughts and remember that you want to bring this customer back. However, if you need extra umph to get an independent project started, today's your day! Sally forth....!