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I'm Outta Here, Man....!

Oil and vinegar dressing - you know the recipe! And after combining them in a dressing jar, you shake, shake, shake only to have it mixed for a few minutes. Then, it separates once again and the next person has to shake the bottle to get it mixed up again. That's the 11/2 and 5 combo - to get them to blend, we're constantly having to shake the day. One is just as passionate about closeness as the other is about freedom. One has the vision of community on its mind as much as the other has about individualism and "doing it my way."
"Stay and work on the good of humanity!"
"No, I want to venture out and see what's on the other side of the globe!"
"Please, come back and help me envision a better life for our fellow man."
"I'm outta here, man....."
It's a day of opposites, ups and downs, a typical roller-coaster day of feelings and decision making. Take it easy and don't take it out on yourself or others. What we can grasp from both of them, is compassion. And whether you choose the road for community or the road to individuality, both the 11 and 5 can show compassion for each other. Each shares the ability to accept others for what they are and not the clothes they wear, the house they live in, or the job they may or may not possess. Today, choose compassion in your decisions and relationships and you can't go wrong.