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Is It Really All About You?

Want to get a lot accomplished? Leadership, invention, and innovation is ours today if we choose to go after a goal or two. It's bringing about a more isolated day as we work steadily upon those things we desire to create. But will we? Our gung-ho energy is going to have to share the spotlight with the master number of 22 which asks the question, "Is is really all about you? What about the good of others on the planet?" These two vibrations can really have us in an argumentative mood by afternoon as we struggle to work on our own list of to-dos and what does everyone else want. 1 knows what it wants and isn't afraid to speak out. 22 knows the same and has no problem letting 1 understand where it may have come up short. The two together need to watch their words, try harder with diplomacy, and not try to grab onto the spotlight. It's a day to balance your day between those of others, don't despair if there isn't enough hours to the day, utilize an organizer to map out the best plan to get the most accomplished, and somehow put an hour or two for yourself in the mix. Consider spending your time learning something new (22s like that). Intuition is running high today; tap into the Source!

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