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It's My Way or the Highway!

It's an independent, cerebral day as 7 and 1 take charge of ....well, just about everything. The 3 attitude number of the day will give the illusion that communication and discussion is part of the solution but behind those wonderful words is the 7 who'll say their piece and then turn their hearing off to scurry back into isolation and the 1, who will live by the words, "My way or the highway." This combination has its place but compassion and sympathy are not one of them. Relationships may go to the back burner but that doesn't mean people don't care. It's a day of more silence than talk, looking within and making some tough decisions of where you want to be in just about everything you do. And don't be surprised if there are few to ask advice from as they are on their own journey within. It's that day we feel like islands in the stream. All in all, allow the day to unfold, give yourself a bit more attention and remember that the 7 finds solace and healing in nature. You may have to walk around the yard or park a bit more than usual.