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It's A Magician/Hermit Kind of Day!

It's another very cerebral day with all three of the cerebral numbers showing up in the combination. Definitely isn't the greatest vibration for discovering that new love of your life unless the two of you share those numbers in common or they are predominate in both of your personal months or years. What it does provide is a lot of alone time for YOU. It's giving you the opportunity to do a lot of thinking and manifesting of your wants, needs, and goals. If you're familiar with Tarot, think of it as the Magician and the Hermit coming together (which, by the way, adds up to the number 1 because 1 + 9 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1). But like these two individuals of the Tarot, what is it that you'd like to do? Don't know? Now is the time to grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit on the porch and come up with a dream. Don't worry if your thoughts are all over the place because that 5 is going to give the illusion that we really don't know what we want. You may feel like the kid in the candy store. If you do know what you're going after, it's a day to push forward - take another step towards it. Just don't be surprised if people are at arm's length until tomorrow.