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My Brain Is Working Overtime!

My brain is working on overtime! That's the vibration of the day. The planets already have us analyzing our relationships in life this week - the 4/7 combo will add to this. The two analyzers of numerology have the ability to create mountains out of molehills. Give yourself a break and don't think too hard about the challenges of your life. Responsibility will be on the forefront today, so making lists of those errands or goals you must accomplish would be appropriate. Spend August checking them off your list as they are accomplished. And which one can you accomplish today? Center it around  your home. On the other side of the coin, these two love to learn and study. What is it that would help or entertain you? Pick the topic and research it (don't be surprised if it has to do with philosophy, spirituality, or religion). Tuck the information away for another time. If your research has to do with genealogy, all the better. Four is the number of the home; 7 is the researcher and detective. Go for it!