Oh! Not This Combination Again!

The 5/8 combo has appeared for the last time this month, giving us one more opportunity to change something regarding our health and/or business. Are we considering moving on and finding other employment? Are we considering changing something within our business, such as a technique, product or employee? Are we considering new eating habits or exercise? It may be a combination of all of them. Change is inevitable today but there’s also another side to the 5/8 combinations. Grasping on to the positive side of them (particularly if you’re in business), how you operate your job/business can go far! Sales and public relations meets executive management. Give time to both of these assets. Decision making is a toss up today with the methodical, well-calculating eight and the que sera-sera five. Before jumping at what’s sparkling in front of you, stop and think. And remember, walking while thinking brings a lot insight and wisdom popping into our heads – not to mention getting away from the computer and out into nature. Definitely a healing in itself.

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