Throw That Garbage Away!

The creative side of us comes out today…though much like Van Gogh, and Emily Dickinson. We have creative ability but there’s that melancholy quality and wanting to heal the world. You can’t. Don’t try. Do, however, look to those around you (and yourself) and take care of each other. And when the melancholy tries to ease it’s way in, acknowledge it but don’t beat yourself up about it. Begin looking at what you can do to heal the pain within you first and then in others, when asked. Share tips and tricks on how to obtain a more positive outlook. And while you’re working with emotions and hearts today, look at your surroundings and bring something bright, creative, and definitely something that makes you feel good, into your home. On the other hand, 9 says, “Let’s go through the closets and cupboards – do you REALLY want to own this? Do you need it? Do you remember what it was for?” If you can’t identify it, there’s a good change you’ll never use it. Throw that garbage away!

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