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Tomorrow May Not Come

After the high emotions of yesterday (2/5), today brings about the 3/6 combination that says a couple of different things. Creativity of all types - color, splash, music, painting, designing, and communications - just to name a few! So if you're in these fields - have a good go and enjoy yourself. Expand your hobby or business in these areas, but be playful with it at the same time. The other side - communication (3) for family (6) and friends (3). Spend time with each other - go to tea or coffee. Spend time in real conversation and not on a texting keyboard (unless you're planning where to meet). Have an impromptu dinner party or a potluck. It's not important what you're fixing; it's important that you're together. Call friends/family you haven't talked to in awhile. Get on Skype - Skype to Skype is globally free for as long as you want to talk. Smile at a stranger and say Hello! Laugh. Play. Watching a DVD? Make it a good comedy. Don't wait a single minute more. Tomorrow may not come. (In memoriam of those who lost their lives & the wounded of Aurora, Colorado 7/20/12).