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What Were You Thinking?

There is nothing superstitious about the number 13 as it is broken down to a 4 (stability, security, business, home-based business, home, educational). Today, the 4 and 7 join forces to....get a bit over-analytical. Oh can we make mountains out of molehills today! We're going to notice details we may not have seen before and then we'll want to think about them more than perhaps we should. Take a rest from the mental exercise you'll experience and enjoy instead a time of study. Both the 4 and 7 love to learn and expand their horizons. Choose this option instead - you name the topic. Better yet, head for the library or bookstore and enjoy the quiet time on top of the reading. Enjoy research or detective work? This is also a good time for digging in and discovering knowledge such as genealogy. On a quieter Friday evening, it's a good thing to do as these two vibrations are the party animals of Numerology. However, a small group or one on one conversationalist, it is!