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You're Creating Your Reality...Again

22 - the master teacher/builder. 11 - the master visionary. 7 - the spiritual seeker. Together it is asking us to be the best that we can be. This vibration will push you to the limit to understand your gifts, hone in on your wisdom, push you to follow your path and learn a few things along the way. It's about uplifting your fellow man and look for the positive of life. Watch your feelings today - your feelings create your reality. If you're putting yourself down, you're creating more of it. If you're focused on your limitations, you're creating more of it. So take a moment with a cup of tea, to change your story. What's your story about yourself - about others? Change it in your mind and realize that what you feel is what you create. On the other side of the coin, we can get a little analytical today, so keep it simple. If you're up to studying a new topic (doesn't matter what), you're all set! The 22 and 7 love to research and become a bit of a detective (especially the 7). A child born today (July 22, 2012) has a special life path - not easy - but very special. They will walk to the beat of a different drummer so do not expect them to follow the same ol', same ol' of the rest of Society.