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Numerology - Do Flight Numbers and Seats Count?

Everything has a numerical vibration, from names to numbers to.....flight numbers! Yesterday while waiting for an appointment, I sat down with my flight schedule and looked at what the number of my flights were along with the seats I had picked out. What am I in store for?

First flight reduces to a number 6 which tells me that I'll be taken care of. It's the number of community and who knows? I may even see some of these folks on the second flight. My seat number, 5A, also reduces to a 6 and that just gives it another boost in the "home" feeling. Not to mention, my Destiny Number in life is a 6.

Second  flight is actually a 33A (I like those window seats) and though we could look at the 33 as being the master healer, we have to include the letter A, which now reduces it to a 7 - my life path number. It's also a number of seclusion and personally, I'll need some sleep on this leg of the trip. Yep! Leave me alone and let me sleep (if I can stop the mind from ove…

Numerology Themes for September, 2012 - What's Yours?

As I will not be on the air next month, let's briefly talk about the
Numerology Themes for September, 2012!  September is always the epitome of your personal year! Did you know that? In other words, if you're in a 1 personal year, it's also a 1 personal month and vibrations really double up!

So here we go! First, figure out what personal year you're in. How do you do that, take the month of your birth, the day of your birth, plus 2012 and add it together. I was born June 1, so I would change June to a 6 (because it's the 6th calendar month; December would be a 12) and write on my paper, 6+1+2+0+1+2 = 12; reduce it to one number by now taking the 12 and 1 + 2 = 3. I'm in a 3 personal year. September for me will be a 3 personal month as well. If you have trouble, just ask me.

If you're in a 1 personal month - double 1s! You will have way more energy to accomplish your goals and goals is exactly what you were after. August was a 9 and you were looking hard at p…

Time For A Proposal?

Though the 6/1 combination is generally considered a challenge, worked to our advantage we can accomplish tasks that fall into their categories. If you are in the designing business, you'll push your craft that much further ahead today, sign up for fairs and showings, create a beautiful design, apply for a job in that field, and any other business venture surrounding your art. In the area of family, well...dynamics may be solved. Are they always positive ones? In the long run. Yesterday was a day of endings, and if ending is something you want, today would be the day you'd put it into action. If creating a family is on your mind, today would be the time for a proposal! If you're tired of being around those who don't know you exist, today would be a time of finding new friends or considering a move into another location where people are more open to interaction. Get out the map!

If You Truly Feel Something Has Come To An End...

According to the Astrologers, Mars is going to start pushing peoples' buttons for the next four days. Looking at your chart, that's all the planets you have at 0 degrees today, 1 degree on Friday, 2 degrees on Saturday, and 3 degrees on Sunday. Take note and ride them out. I'm on a 0 today, and while I'm painting the house, I'll just blare the music. What does it mean in Numerology? It's a 5 day with a 9 Life Path Number. The positive side of this combo is compassion and humanitarianism. Start with you. It's difficult to give to others when your vessel is lacking or empty. It is perfectly fine to send blessings, healing, and love to yourself. Wish yourself good luck on a project, take yourself for a tea/coffee break out in nature (weather permitting), and break out the fine china or special dishes for fun! On the more challenging side of this aspect, we can expect endings or wrapping up of events we no longer need. If we're wanting an ending to a situa…

Selflessness - Pay It Forward

There's nothing lacking about business today with the 22/8 combination. Typically it would be all business but today we're going to add just a little bit of a difference to the mix. 22 is the number of the master teacher and selflessness. In our business dealings we are going to be asked to take our customer/employee interactions a step further for the higher good of everyone. It's also about teaching and learning, and that can go both ways. Be mindful of the lessons that may come your way today and tuck it away for future use. This is also an excellent vibration for pay it forward. Consider what you can share with another and surprise them! It is a day of giving.

Do I Need To Be the Martyr?

If you look back 9 days ago, you'll discover that today's vibration can bring love in the air! Oh's a wonderful combo if you're looking for a special someone or spice up an existing relationship. But on the other side of the coin (which I didn't cover last time), it can send us to the depths of self-sacrifice and martyrdom. On the negative side of both the 2 and 6, they will sacrifice their lives, loves, desires, goals, dreams, you name it, for the sake of someone else. For all of us, we compromise on a daily basis, but the 2 and 6 can put a whole new spin on compromise and place it straight into denial. So if you're feeling overly emotional, as if the world believes you do not exist, set some time aside for YOU! If you have to, grab your calendar and log in an hour where you are just Hot! Better yet, do it now! Shower, dress, and prance in front of the mirror or down the street. Stop saving that Hot blouse or shirt for "someday" or "so…

Me, Me, My, My, Oh My.......

We've returned to the 1/5 combo of last week to rehearse it one more time. We can expect fast change, but perhaps not to our liking. 1 wants its way NOW and 5 is going to put in the dramatic flair. We may even get to see a bit of drama, a tantrum or two, and quick words without get the picture. It's up to us how much control we wish to practice. If you're spending the day more isolated, you can actually get quite a bit accomplished on the goals or projects you have for yourself. However, with family, it will not always be possible but if everyone seems to be gravitating to their own separate room, don't take it personally. Enjoy the quiet :)

The Road That's Paved With Good Intentions

For Saturday, August 18, 2012
Typically, we would be looking at a 9/4 day, which is a real challenge in the area of community, but this isn't just any 9/4 day because we're not going to reduce the master number of 22. On the positive side of these numbers, humanitarianism meets selflessness to look at what is best for community projects and endeavors. Remember, selflessness does not equate to "doormat", but we may each be asked to contribute to a large project or something as simple as helping a neighbor with a small errand. This is a perfect combination for a Pay It Forward act so begin figuring out what you can do now. Then....Do IT! What is that quote about the road being paved with good intentions? This is also a great vibration for choosing Honor. Consider starting with honorable words - do what you say you're going to do. On another side, wisdom will join with the master teacher. If there is a seminar or group teaching you wish to attend (it doesn't ha…

I Don't Want to Work; I Want to Bang On The Drum All Day

Have a business or want a particular job in the near future? Today is the day to announce everyone! 8 and 3 combine forces to bring a lot more communication into your work life. Whether you already have a business, in a job, or wanting a new job, today we begin telling others what we do or what we want to do. Advertise your skills and tell everyone what you do because we're all in the mood to talk and advertisement by word really works. Are you in the artistic field? Business, talent, and sales are going to be walking hand in hand. On the challenging side of today, the 8 wants to be serious and put its nose to the grindstone into the wee hours of the morning. 3 wants to play, laugh, giggle, and take the day off. So don't be surprised if you're being pulled in two different directions and beings it's Friday, we'll be wanting to follow the 3's lead. Grab the organizer, and pencil in time for each - preferably work the day, and then close the door at a …

It's Going to Happen NOW!

Once again, we see the combo of 6/1 come together and if yesterday produced family/community dynamics that needed a change, today you'll be implementing it. Yesterday made us realize it; today we put the change in action. However, you must be the one that takes the action. No one or nothing else will do it for you. If you are in the design field, this is a great time for creating something new and exciting. Color! Use it to the max!  Bring out all the energies you enjoy and offer your clients something of splendor. Friday will be a great vibration for business advertising if you're creating for sale. In the meantime, everyone else may really feel the push to get domestic and really start/finish those household projects you've been working on!

It's Outta Here! It's History!

Anytime 5 combines with another number, we are forced to see either change, drama, spontaneity, or chaos. There's just no way around it. However, we shouldn't always gravitate to the most negative, because it really could be a spectacular day in our favor! Afterall, 5 is the pioneer and adventurer as well. 9 comes in with finalities today, so what do you wish to have an ending to? Wrapping up loose ends and moving forward will be chomping at the bit. It's also the number of healing family issues and therefore, the combination could bring about a positive change in family dynamics or the letting go of a relationship (which isn't always so positive). But 5 is also one of the more compassionate numbers of Numerology because it typically does not judge. 9 is the humanitarian, so look at the two coming together to create philanthropic gestures towards others. What can you do for someone else that would be a blessing? Remember, it does not take finances to do something for …

I Want To Talk - Leave Me Alone

Chatty, social 3 and quiet, isolating 7 will be trying to balance their time between others and themselves today. "I want to talk", "No, I don't!" "I want to talk", "No, I don't!" Thus a bit of confusion of what you wish to accomplish may overshadow your day. When this occurs, look for something inside or outside your home whereby you can be creative (3). No sense sitting and wondering what you should do and accomplishing nothing. It's also a day of laughter, so keep it lighthearted. The 7 is too serious to want "off the wall", but even it likes to have a good time. And though a challenging vibration to each other, one thing the 3 and 7 share in common is the love of stories. Whether writing your own or reading someone else's, it's the perfect day for reading up on those people in history (or in the news) that you want to know more about. Allow yourself variety and you'll still turn it into a productive day.


Feel a little frustrated and lost from yesterday's vibration? 5 can provide a bit of a roller coaster when it's not playing. Here's your opportunity to relax and enjoy those around you. However, you have to take the steps to make it happen. Be open to others - chances are, they were waiting for that friendly word or invitation. It's a day of nurturing and compliments. Make someone know they are appreciated. Uplift others with your words, not someone else's words. The 11 says "Motivate, Uplift, Inspire" those around you to be the best that they can be. 6 is the number of nurturing - the type that wants to hear and communicate with others. Talk to each other in conversation. Listen. Hear. Empathize. Suggest. Call those closest to you and stay in touch. Laugh. Share.

I'm Changing "IT" Today!

It's another day whereby we'll want it NOW! The 1 & 5 will be looking to our personal best interest, but which one shall we address first? It's most likely the one that will bring about the most change. It's the goal that says, "I want to 'pack the boxes' and change my life" and we'll have two more of these days this month to really push us forward. For those wanting to change your location, profession, marital status, you name it, reality is it will not change until you take the steps to change it. You will personally have to do the work - so what do you want to change? Begin today because you'll get the added boost to continue throughout the month. What do you need to do to begin? This combo is like the Magician, Hermit, and Chariot in Tarot all rolled up into one. Make it happen! For those in the business world, it's Public Relations day. Be assertive (not aggressive) when it comes to conversing with customers/clients. Y…

What Can I Do For You?

Much will be expected of us today as the philanthropist 9 and the selfless 22 team up for a day of giving. Don't expect to be the recipient today. If you are,
then it will be a lovely surprise. Look out for your friends and neighbors and see if there is something you can do for them. This is the perfect "pay it forward" day. In business, this would be the right time for an impromptu "Customer Appreciation Day" or showing your employees that they are cared about. On the other side, this is a wonderful combo for cleaning out the closets and donating unwanted items to your local charity or to someone who can use it.

I Want To Work For Myself!

Self-employed? Want to be? The vibration of the 8/3 is excellent in kick starting yours! Begin making your plans today and telling others about it. The 8 is an excellent business number, and the 3 is the number of communication and networking. But don't stop with just today - it has to be a daily push. Go for it! Wanting a promotion? This is a great vibration to start letting the powers that be at your job that that is what you want. All in all, whatever you want in your career, it's time to let others know where you want to be headed. And not just your friends, but people in the positions that can help you. If you're not in the business world, today can provide a lot of playfulness in chores around your home. Take time to do something to beautify your home today: painting, home repair, or decoration. But make it fun, even if it's just listening to your favorite music or DVD in the room you're working in. Turn up the tunes! The 3 will want to hum (or sing) along!

Sitting Down For A Good Cry

Emotions will be a little more tender today as we try to balance between what we feel and what we think. 7, who lives in their head, will have a bit of difficulty with the additional feelings that seem to be interrupting the day. If you feel your emotions being bruised, stop and try to shift back into what you think and less of what your heart is saying is occurring. Remember, tomorrow is another vibration so a new perspective is always helpful when looking at events. What we can say about the 7/2 combo is that intuition is running high. Gut feelings are probably not that far off. However, wait until tomorrow to react, when the 8's sensibility prevails. This is a good day for meditation, or energy services. Tap into the Divine whenever possible, speak to your Guides/Angels often, and hand them your fears to be sorted.

Get Off My Back!

The challenging combo of 6 and 1 provides for interesting interactions today, unless you're a designer/caregiver/hotel management type person. Then, it's going to provide the push that puts you right into expanding your business. If there is a particular design/caregiving avenue in your career that you want to create, or even a promotion perhaps, this is a good day to aim in that direction. Begin taking steps to create it! 6 is also a vibration of drawing people and money and though the money won't stay, it'll be there when you need it and just the amount you need. You may wish to review that again - what you need, not want. On the other side of the coin, 6 is the number of the family and with forceful, independent 1 in the mix, we'll have to watch our emotions and words today so that we're not riding over the top of other family members with what we want. With the 5 attitude number, this could appear to be heavy drama. The only family situation I can see an a…

You Just Thought You Had A Day Off

The two hard hitting business numbers of Numerology meet up today to say, "You just thought you had a day off!" For those working Saturdays, it's work as usual. But for those at home, thoughts will keep returning to the financial aspects of their life. When one is trying to relax, this isn't always a welcomed visualization. If this keeps occurring, get it out of your system by entertaining new careers, expanded job performance, business analysis, etc., for a set amount of time. For those who are self-employed, take some time to study a topic that would enhance your business, whether it's by surfing the web, or reading a book/magazine articles. Don't be surprised if home repairs are also knocking on the door. The 8 likes to look good and the 4 is about the home. Start by working on your surroundings, particularly all those little things that need extra attention (minor repairs). Not a lot of recline-time today - aim for tomorrow when fun is the forecast.


I Don't Want To Talk About It Or Do I?

Company or Seclusion? Communication or Silence? We have some real contrasts today as we bounce between a day of play and interaction with others and choosing to be quiet within ourselves. Take the times where seclusion presents itself to work on those things within, and look forward to those times where you can bring your friends into your life. Enjoy both! The 7 radiates with that of the Spiritual Seeker, spirituality, philosophy and research. Don't be surprised that those in the spiritual field will be talking more today and that goes for their businesses as well. What's the message that you wish to share? The combo of the two works quite well for those writing and/or broadcasting. Don't worry that the day may progress a bit slow in the business category. It will pick back up tomorrow when the business numbers join forces for the day. Relationships may also take a back seat, but it's a perfect time for a nice, quiet evening together or on one's own.

Take advanta…

Love Is In The Air

Relationships are in the air! Between the Nodes meeting up with Vulcanus in the heavens, 2 and 6 join today to bring us one of two sides of a coin. On the positive, it's the recognizing and meeting of loving relationships that bring love into our lives. Intuition is high and nurturing is on the forefront of our thoughts. It's an absolutely lovely combination and one that most all of us seek - so get out there and meet some new people today. If your intuition tells you to attend a particular event, do it. You never know who is waiting to share your life! Or......we look at the relationships we are in and feel the victim mode. 2 and 6 are the two numbers of Numerology who will stay in an abusive situation "for the sake of [fill in the reason]." Reach for your higher purpose today of love, peacefulness, harmony, sharing, nurturing, caring, and intuition. Where do your relationships lie in this description? Choose the higher road!

Take advantage of my
I Need Answers NOW…

It Changes NOW!

It's August, 2012 and we begin the month like a kid in a candy store. And like a toddler, we'll want it NOW! Hand in hand, the 1 & 5 will be looking to our personal best interest, but which one shall we address first? It's most likely the one that will bring about the most change. It's the goal that says, "I want to 'pack the boxes' and change my life." For those wanting to change your location, profession, marital status, you name it, reality is it will not change until you take the steps to change it. You will personally have to do the work - so what do you want to change? Begin today. What do you need to do to begin? This combo is like the Magician, Hermit, and Chariot in Tarot all rolled up into one. Make it happen! For those in the business world, it's Public Relations day. Be assertive (not aggressive) when it comes to conversing with customers/clients. You're not pushing your product down their throat; you want to enjoy interaction…