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Do I Need To Be the Martyr?

If you look back 9 days ago, you'll discover that today's vibration can bring love in the air! Oh's a wonderful combo if you're looking for a special someone or spice up an existing relationship. But on the other side of the coin (which I didn't cover last time), it can send us to the depths of self-sacrifice and martyrdom. On the negative side of both the 2 and 6, they will sacrifice their lives, loves, desires, goals, dreams, you name it, for the sake of someone else. For all of us, we compromise on a daily basis, but the 2 and 6 can put a whole new spin on compromise and place it straight into denial. So if you're feeling overly emotional, as if the world believes you do not exist, set some time aside for YOU! If you have to, grab your calendar and log in an hour where you are just Hot! Better yet, do it now! Shower, dress, and prance in front of the mirror or down the street. Stop saving that Hot blouse or shirt for "someday" or "someone." Wear it today! Put it on NOW. Don't take questioning from anyone as to why you have it on. You have it on, Baby, because you can do it!