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Get Off My Back!

The challenging combo of 6 and 1 provides for interesting interactions today, unless you're a designer/caregiver/hotel management type person. Then, it's going to provide the push that puts you right into expanding your business. If there is a particular design/caregiving avenue in your career that you want to create, or even a promotion perhaps, this is a good day to aim in that direction. Begin taking steps to create it! 6 is also a vibration of drawing people and money and though the money won't stay, it'll be there when you need it and just the amount you need. You may wish to review that again - what you need, not want. On the other side of the coin, 6 is the number of the family and with forceful, independent 1 in the mix, we'll have to watch our emotions and words today so that we're not riding over the top of other family members with what we want. With the 5 attitude number, this could appear to be heavy drama. The only family situation I can see an advantage to this is if you're going to court for a lawsuit or divorce proceeding. But remember, they'll also have this combo surrounding "them" as well. Grab onto the vibration of the 1 and think before speaking or acting.