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I Don't Want To Talk About It Or Do I?

Company or Seclusion? Communication or Silence? We have some real contrasts today as we bounce between a day of play and interaction with others and choosing to be quiet within ourselves. Take the times where seclusion presents itself to work on those things within, and look forward to those times where you can bring your friends into your life. Enjoy both! The 7 radiates with that of the Spiritual Seeker, spirituality, philosophy and research. Don't be surprised that those in the spiritual field will be talking more today and that goes for their businesses as well. What's the message that you wish to share? The combo of the two works quite well for those writing and/or broadcasting. Don't worry that the day may progress a bit slow in the business category. It will pick back up tomorrow when the business numbers join forces for the day. Relationships may also take a back seat, but it's a perfect time for a nice, quiet evening together or on one's own.

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