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I Don't Want to Work; I Want to Bang On The Drum All Day

Have a business or want a particular job in the near future? Today is the day to announce everyone! 8 and 3 combine forces to bring a lot more communication into your work life. Whether you already have a business, in a job, or wanting a new job, today we begin telling others what we do or what we want to do. Advertise your skills and tell everyone what you do because we're all in the mood to talk and advertisement by word really works. Are you in the artistic field? Business, talent, and sales are going to be walking hand in hand. On the challenging side of today, the 8 wants to be serious and put its nose to the grindstone into the wee hours of the morning. 3 wants to play, laugh, giggle, and take the day off. So don't be surprised if you're being pulled in two different directions and beings it's Friday, we'll be wanting to follow the 3's lead. Grab the organizer, and pencil in time for each - preferably work the day, and then close the door at a decent hour to play the evening away!