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I Want To Talk - Leave Me Alone

Chatty, social 3 and quiet, isolating 7 will be trying to balance their time between others and themselves today. "I want to talk", "No, I don't!" "I want to talk", "No, I don't!" Thus a bit of confusion of what you wish to accomplish may overshadow your day. When this occurs, look for something inside or outside your home whereby you can be creative (3). No sense sitting and wondering what you should do and accomplishing nothing. It's also a day of laughter, so keep it lighthearted. The 7 is too serious to want "off the wall", but even it likes to have a good time. And though a challenging vibration to each other, one thing the 3 and 7 share in common is the love of stories. Whether writing your own or reading someone else's, it's the perfect day for reading up on those people in history (or in the news) that you want to know more about. Allow yourself variety and you'll still turn it into a productive day.