I Want To Work For Myself!

Self-employed? Want to be? The vibration of the 8/3 is excellent in kick starting yours! Begin making your plans today and telling others about it. The 8 is an excellent business number, and the 3 is the number of communication and networking. But don’t stop with just today – it has to be a daily push. Go for it! Wanting a promotion? This is a great vibration to start letting the powers that be at your job that that is what you want. All in all, whatever you want in your career, it’s time to let others know where you want to be headed. And not just your friends, but people in the positions that can help you. If you’re not in the business world, today can provide a lot of playfulness in chores around your home. Take time to do something to beautify your home today: painting, home repair, or decoration. But make it fun, even if it’s just listening to your favorite music or DVD in the room you’re working in. Turn up the tunes! The 3 will want to hum (or sing) along!

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