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It Changes NOW!

It's August, 2012 and we begin the month like a kid in a candy store. And like a toddler, we'll want it NOW! Hand in hand, the 1 & 5 will be looking to our personal best interest, but which one shall we address first? It's most likely the one that will bring about the most change. It's the goal that says, "I want to 'pack the boxes' and change my life." For those wanting to change your location, profession, marital status, you name it, reality is it will not change until you take the steps to change it. You will personally have to do the work - so what do you want to change? Begin today. What do you need to do to begin? This combo is like the Magician, Hermit, and Chariot in Tarot all rolled up into one. Make it happen! For those in the business world, it's Public Relations day. Be assertive (not aggressive) when it comes to conversing with customers/clients. You're not pushing your product down their throat; you want to enjoy interactions with others. The 5 is classic for sales because they love people. Everyone has a story. Talk to your customers about theirs today. Want to change something about the way you do business? Today is the day to entertain and make plans to improve it. Pow-wow (even if you're alone) to what you want to try next. Trying is never a mistake - it's a stepping stone to a better way!