It’s Outta Here! It’s History!

Anytime 5 combines with another number, we are forced to see either change, drama, spontaneity, or chaos. There’s just no way around it. However, we shouldn’t always gravitate to the most negative, because it really could be a spectacular day in our favor! Afterall, 5 is the pioneer and adventurer as well. 9 comes in with finalities today, so what do you wish to have an ending to? Wrapping up loose ends and moving forward will be chomping at the bit. It’s also the number of healing family issues and therefore, the combination could bring about a positive change in family dynamics or the letting go of a relationship (which isn’t always so positive). But 5 is also one of the more compassionate numbers of Numerology because it typically does not judge. 9 is the humanitarian, so look at the two coming together to create philanthropic gestures towards others. What can you do for someone else that would be a blessing? Remember, it does not take finances to do something for someone else – just your time.

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