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Love Is In The Air

Relationships are in the air! Between the Nodes meeting up with Vulcanus in the heavens, 2 and 6 join today to bring us one of two sides of a coin. On the positive, it's the recognizing and meeting of loving relationships that bring love into our lives. Intuition is high and nurturing is on the forefront of our thoughts. It's an absolutely lovely combination and one that most all of us seek - so get out there and meet some new people today. If your intuition tells you to attend a particular event, do it. You never know who is waiting to share your life! Or......we look at the relationships we are in and feel the victim mode. 2 and 6 are the two numbers of Numerology who will stay in an abusive situation "for the sake of [fill in the reason]." Reach for your higher purpose today of love, peacefulness, harmony, sharing, nurturing, caring, and intuition. Where do your relationships lie in this description? Choose the higher road!

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