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Numerology - Do Flight Numbers and Seats Count?

Everything has a numerical vibration, from names to numbers to.....flight numbers! Yesterday while waiting for an appointment, I sat down with my flight schedule and looked at what the number of my flights were along with the seats I had picked out. What am I in store for?

First flight reduces to a number 6 which tells me that I'll be taken care of. It's the number of community and who knows? I may even see some of these folks on the second flight. My seat number, 5A, also reduces to a 6 and that just gives it another boost in the "home" feeling. Not to mention, my Destiny Number in life is a 6.

Second  flight is actually a 33A (I like those window seats) and though we could look at the 33 as being the master healer, we have to include the letter A, which now reduces it to a 7 - my life path number. It's also a number of seclusion and personally, I'll need some sleep on this leg of the trip. Yep! Leave me alone and let me sleep (if I can stop the mind from over-analyzing - one of the 7s traits).

Third flight again finds me in a 7 seat which is going to give me time to ponder a number of thoughts, emotions, and perhaps even get a little writing accomplished (7 likes to write). It's not that I want to get a lot of work accomplished, but this leg of the journey will truly be putting my life in order. What do I wish to shed? Where do I wish to go? I think there will be a LOT of questions by this time that need to be worked out.

And the Last flight? An 11/2. The master visionary, high intuition, love, intuitive, harmony, emotions. I will leave this paragraph alone and let it unfold at the time it actually happens.