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Numerology Themes for September, 2012 - What's Yours?

As I will not be on the air next month, let's briefly talk about the

Numerology Themes for September, 2012! 

September is always the epitome of your personal year! Did you know that? In other words, if you're in a 1 personal year, it's also a 1 personal month and vibrations really double up!

So here we go! First, figure out what personal year you're in. How do you do that, take the month of your birth, the day of your birth, plus 2012 and add it together. I was born June 1, so I would change June to a 6 (because it's the 6th calendar month; December would be a 12) and write on my paper, 6+1+2+0+1+2 = 12; reduce it to one number by now taking the 12 and 1 + 2 = 3. I'm in a 3 personal year. September for me will be a 3 personal month as well. If you have trouble, just ask me.

If you're in a 1 personal month - double 1s! 

You will have way more energy to accomplish your goals and goals is exactly what you were after. August was a 9 and you were looking hard at pitching things/people/places out that just didn't work. Now, you're going to take those ideas you really wanted to implement and put them into action. That's the keyword, ACTION. YOU have to take action. It's not going to change itself while you sit. But the vibration will constantly be saying, "Let's go; let's move!" Grab onto it and no matter what your dream is, this is the month you can now give it shape and substance - go for it!

If you're in a 2 personal month - double 2s! 

Love is in the air in the whisper of the trees, in the thunder of the seas.....emotions are also high and so besides pulling that special person towards you, you might be doing a lot of crying as well. Not to worry, have a cry and then get back to listening to the sound of love. It's a great time for negotiations and high, high intuition as well, whether spiritual, personal, or business. Spoil yourself this month!

If you're in a 3 personal month - double 3s!

 Yakity-yak!! It's time to talk....too much. Communication is really hot whether it's by written or verbal word. We're all on the bandwagon this month, so fire up that keyboard or microphone. It's also a hot time for artists to share their talent and skills, playfulness, travel, and....gossip. Watch what type of words you'll be using. You may have to eat them next month.

If you're in a 4 personal month - double 4s! 

It's going to be a bit like Spock, all logic and little imagination. All work and no play...we must surround ourselves with security, stability, no change. That's ok, it's only for 1 month and the areas of career, study, business, finances will be better for it. Study a new topic, any topic, that you'll enjoy! And do fix-up repairs around the house.

If you're in a 5 personal month - double 5s!

 Ummm....hang on. The song Palisades Park by Freddie Cannon comes to mind (if you haven't heard it, search it on YouTube). You're either going to be having the time of your life (be responsible) or on a real roller coaster. Give yourself a break, take time for sacred space, and remember "all that glitters is not gold." Think twice...maybe 3 times before making a decision. In fact, if you can wait until October, wait.

If you're in a 6 personal month - double 6s! 

Two very different sides to this coin. Nurturing, fact, it's a family number and a number of you will want to be starting your family - figuratively and literally! Designers will do their best work and being domestic is on the front of our minds. The other side is self-sacrifice. Is that really in your best interest and what benefits do you reap from it? None? Compromise is one thing, but sacrifice is a different topic - be gentle to yourself.

If you're in a 7 personal month - double 7s! 

I can pick on the 7s because I am one. The little sea creature who goes scurrying under their rock. This is "hermit" month and not as social as usual. Research, study, inner reflection - may not sound like a fun time for some, but it's a necessary time. Looking within for answers and discovering you have more intuition than you thought. 7 also loves to analyze, so watch out for that. You can actually think too much, so give yourself a break in nature where the 7 shines. Relax, breathe, go back inside and continue your project.

If you're in an 8 personal month - double 8s! 

The office will become your mistress. Or the gym. We are hot on career moves, and looking good! That's ok - go for it. If you have an opportunity for advancement, do it! If you have an opportunity to do something else, chase it! If you're wanting to get on a new exercise program, make it fun and enjoy it! This is your time to make some major changes. BUT don't try anything silly - the 8 always gets caught. It a time to keep your nose clean.

If you're in a 9 personal month - double 9s! 

Shedding of people, places, and things. You're really "cleaning out the closet" now.  You know what you want; you might just be trying to convince yourself to take action. So trust your gut feeling. If you're in this category, you actually get a bit of a treat because October will begin your new year in some respects. Out with the old this month, in with the new starting October 1st. You're ready to kick-start 2013 early. This month will set up your next 9 years so what do you want? Choose wisely and don't wait until the last minute.