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You Just Thought You Had A Day Off

The two hard hitting business numbers of Numerology meet up today to say, "You just thought you had a day off!" For those working Saturdays, it's work as usual. But for those at home, thoughts will keep returning to the financial aspects of their life. When one is trying to relax, this isn't always a welcomed visualization. If this keeps occurring, get it out of your system by entertaining new careers, expanded job performance, business analysis, etc., for a set amount of time. For those who are self-employed, take some time to study a topic that would enhance your business, whether it's by surfing the web, or reading a book/magazine articles. Don't be surprised if home repairs are also knocking on the door. The 8 likes to look good and the 4 is about the home. Start by working on your surroundings, particularly all those little things that need extra attention (minor repairs). Not a lot of recline-time today - aim for tomorrow when fun is the forecast.

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