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2013 - My Personal 4 Year

People have asked me what a 4 personal year means. The number 4 means that I'll be looking hard at my security, home & relationship stability, the home in general, perhaps some study, and particularly at my business.

It's not unusual during a 4 personal year that we change businesses all together because what the current career is offering is not enough. We may bring in new avenues if we're self employed, or hire/fire people that are not effective. We may look at our investments
and choose a better plan. We definitely ask the question "what is best for my future?"

It is not always the most social year but it is not unusual that we are offered a relationship during this time. Definitely, this is something I will be looking at. The number 4 is my maturity number. It states you will not live the last of your life alone. I'm banking on this!

But it is also about teaching and learning. Teaching can be through spoken word or by written word. Books, lectures, workshops - none of these are out of the question. And it may also be a time where we wish to return to school (whether that is online or an actual University), and hone in on the skills we need to improve or add to our repertoire.
It is a year of over-analyzation. As a Life Path 7, that gives me a double dose of analyzing. It will be important to take time for sacred space and walking in nature.

Here's to the number 4: study, security stability, home, and business. it looks to be a very well rounded year!

What will 2013 focus upon for you: New Love? New Business? New Home?  Click SERVICES in the column to the right and let's find out today!