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Actions Speak Loud...Numerical Vibrations for November 27, 2012


Reflection....though opposites join forces today they really do have something in common. Reflection, old wisdom, and spirituality. I know it's a Tuesday, but it's a good time for sacred space and listening to the still small voice within. Where this trio differs is that 9/11 want to invite others into the mix and 7 says, "I'll ride the bus alone." 7 doesn't like the noise that the 9 and 11 don't always notice. However, you wish to spend it, it's a day to look at ourselves and others. How have our actions and words benefited in uplifting others? (11) It doesn't matter the right or wrongs of a situation. What are we doing to motivate others to be the best that they can be and how does it reflect upon us? It's a day for thinking.

I’m going into a 4 personal year next year reviewing my sense of security, business-sense, study, what I do for a living, where I want to live…How about you?