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Everyone Is Celebrating Except Me! Numerical Vibrations For November 20, 2012

If you're feeling a bit down today, this is not unusual with the 2/9 combo. 2 is a very emotional number while 9 will remind you that your family did not star in the Hallmark Hall of Fame holiday specials. Chalk it up to the season, the planets, whatever you wish and find something different to do. With the holidays starting in the States this week, if you fall into the category above, choose an adventure movie over the unrealistic perfect family events. Consider starting a quilt, begin building a project, read that book you've always wanted to fact even though it's not necessarily a decent day to buy (tomorrow will be), plan for the items needed today. Make plans to do something special for that one particular family person this! And if you think you are the only one reading this and in this position, think twice. I know more people not celebrating the holidays than who are. You are not aone :)