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I Just Can't Keep Quiet! Numerical Vibrations for November 30, 2012


Once before we end the month of November, we're going to visit this combination again. The positive note would be the ability to create sales (if you’re in business), travel, and/or great conversation during coffee breaks! It’s a wonderful time to meet with others and have an overall good time. Or…we can push our messages to the limit. 3/1 says, “I have something to say and I just have to get it out there.” Unfortunately, we don’t always watch our words or to whom we are speaking to under this trio of numbers. Many times we choose the person who is experiencing the opposite to share our news with therefore rubbing salt in their wounds. If you’ve just landed that dream job, don’t call your friend who is losing their home due to unemployment to share your excitement with. If you’re experiencing a pregnancy that wasn’t really hoped for at this time, don’t call your friend who is going through infertility and announce, “It should have been you.” Though you will get your message off your chest, it does nothing to uplift their day (or week or month). Have some great conversations today, but choose your audience wisely. 

I'm going into a 4 Personal Year in 2013. Find out what 2013 has for you!


  1. I have a 4 year coming up too. I'm looking forward to some much needed stability :-)

  2. Me too, Jenna-Lee! It's a very nice all-round, get-it-together year before the 5 of 2014. :)


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