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I Need Time Alone! Numerical Vibrations for November 25, 2012


The home and hearth feeling of yesterday has given way to the cerebral "I need time for myself" feeling of today. Most of us will be returning to work tomorrow and we're wondering where that weekend or 4 day weekend (for the States) went. It just flew by and.....I'm not feeling like I accomplished what I wanted. We're feeling the end of the year coming. Was it what we wanted? Maybe we're feeling as if we'll be glad to see 2012 come to an end. 7 will have us over-analyzing life's events while 5 will be egging us to "get out of Dodge!" Not a day to make desperate decisions, but we can certainly look at where we are going and how we'd like to do it. If you're feeling a bit stressed, 7 and 5 share the gift of stress-reduction in nature. Can't get out? Bring nature to you. Plants, flowers, water, wood, earth....surround yourself with it today and know that is only one day out of the week. Take some time in sacred space.

I’m going into a 4 personal year next year reviewing my sense of security, business-sense, study, what I do for a living, where I want to live…How about you?