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I'm Stylin'! Numerical Vibrations for November 26, 2012


Yippee! We're back to work or thinking of work. It doesn't matter! This is a good vibration for starting the work week or applying for a job. 8 says, "Let's do it!" in the world of business and 6 is a magnet of people and money. So, get those resumes sent or create a new one. 8/1/6 - "I want YOUR ATTENTION". Good day to look at the old resume and see how you can capture the new company's focus. It's also a great day for nurturing of the self. Weather permitting, get out and walk, jog, get to the gym. Can't get out? Do you have stairs in your house? Hey - you have a FREE gym! 20 laps up and down the stairs is dynamite! Let's start that new look you've always wanted.

I’m going into a 4 personal year next year reviewing my sense of security, business-sense, study, what I do for a living, where I want to live…How about you?