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It's the Oil & Vinegar of Numerology! Numerical Vibrations for November 23, 2012


There is nothing more like oil and vinegar than the 5/2 or 5/11 combo! Their conversations typically include lines such as:

11: "But this is good for the sake of all..."
5: "And?"

11: "We'll donate our time this next week for..."
5: "I'm outta here, Dude!"

11: "But dependence upon each other is..."
5: [Coughing madly]

11: "Let's schedule a plan...."
5: "I want a divorce! Arrgggghhhhh!"

It's not that the 5 is without feeling. In fact, it is one of the more compassionate numbers of Numerology, but not if that compassion creates a prison, time schedule,! Three concepts that would have most 5s reeling and begging for mercy. They love their freedom and when the dependent 2/11 tries to merge with the 5, well.......chill today. 5 can also institute A LOT of drama. Give a little, take a little. Get out your organizer and pencil in giving/taking time. It's the only way to go. Be careful out there folks!

I’m going into a 4 personal year next year reviewing my sense of security, business-sense, study, what I do for a living, where I want to live…How about you?